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How to Submit a Record

At Auckland Masters Athletics, we encourage our members to participate in our various athletic events, including meets, games, and races. We provide a platform that enables athletes to achieve their goals and break their personal records. Our club is inclusive, and we welcome individuals of different age groups, fitness levels, and athletic backgrounds. Please note that records will not be approved unless the following requirements have been followed, and the onus is on the athletes to make the application.

Athletes have now have two ways to make a claim for an Auckland record.

1.) For meetings held within the Auckland area, Use the online form, you can submit your record claim via your mobile phone or laptop with no need for paperwork or signatures. Click here to  submit “Submit Auckland Record” 

For meetings NOT held in Auckland, please attach a copy of the result sheet on the online form .

2.) If you do not wish to use the mobile/laptop version, please download the NZMA
application form below and email it to  You only need to complete the top half of the application for Auckland records, there is no need to have the remainder of the form completed and signed off.

If you are claiming a National record all the relevant event fields need to be completed and signed off and sent to the above email address and not submitted to NZMA directly.

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